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Ben Blackmore

CEO / Owner

I started out in TV in London agencies using Director, the Grandfather of Flash, back when it was Macromedia. Now, in this constantly connected world, I lead a team of fabulous creators and innovators who love doing what they do.

Our philosophy, why bmore creative? (I didn’t just name the agency after me, there was method in my madness!)

Because I honestly believe creativity and innovation really matters. Everything can bmore creative.

We are all exposed to so much more content today. Infinite content with no care and creativity is just blah blah blah!

If we take a little time to make things creative, people will notice it. Time is the key.

Passion, creativity and innovation is the door, the lock and the journey.

Make the right time to bmore creative, and everything you do will succeed.

We have the pleasure of working with a lot of market leading Pharmaceutical companies who deliver some amazing life changing solutions for better patient care. If we can, in some small way help to communicate the benefits of these brands to HCP’s, the NHS, decision makers and patients, then fingers crossed we can actually help to make a real difference to patients lives. After all, that is what really matters!

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