bmore – showreel

Watch our latest showreel, showcasing how we work and play.

Axyz – a 360° digital world

Welcome to Axyz, a 360° digital world! Would you settle for simply sitting on the sidelines, and watching a video, when you could jump in and explore? 360° video allows you to experience immersive video on your own terms – as if you were sightseeing. Look from where you want to look. Look a little harder if something takes your fancy.

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Augmented reality and virtual reality

How can these new technologies and digital solutions really help to make a difference to your brand and your digital ecosystem?

Britannia Global congress solution

A bespoke design and build solution for an integrated event and meeting programme using bespoke digital interaction connected with a new creative campaign.

Video books

Make your message more interactive and immersive and your customers will take notice.  The video books come in all shapes and sizes. Get in touch to find out more about our video book solutions.

Gilead Exhibition Stand

bmore produced an interactive, gesture controlled floor for an exhibition stand using leap motion technology.

Britannia – Chris’s Story

A brief insight in to Chris’s life living with Parkinson’s disease.

Britannia – Rodger’s Story

A brief insight in to Rodger’s life living with Parkinson’s disease.

BTG – LUMI Launch

A video campaign to launch BTG – LumiBead.

Be Active Microsite Campaign

A short video showcasing the MSD Be Active Campaign which we produced in-house along with animal photography, print, social and micro-site.

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Ferring Global AR

We built an augmented reality app that academics could use to revisit the learning from global symposia across a number of therapeutic areas.

MyPetOnline Case Study

We built a new online community of animal lovers, focusing on new pet owners looking for advice..

AMO – BlinkMist – Campaign

The campaign reached over 750,000 people and racked up 258,000 video views on Facebook, giving a lot of exposure to the brand and making it easier for people to buy the eye drops.

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Blink – Behind the scenes

A sneak peak of behind the scenes on the Blink – Eye Workout shoot at bmore HQ in Hampshire.