What does Strategy mean to you? To us, it means EVERYTHING!
We can help you get your strategy right and ensure your positioning is spot on.
Here are some of our solutions we employ to help create, implement and deliver a successful and effective strategy

  • Channel mapping
  • Strategy pyramids
  • Single Minded Propositions
  • Positioning
  • Patient focus
  • Touch points
  • Brand planning & essence
  • Brand onions
  • Mind maps
  • Market Insights
  • NIB guidance for DOH & NHS framework insights


Creative branding is so important in this day and age. We help our clients move beyond a simple Google Search result into a realm of creative innovation and wonder to truly spark loyalty and brand engagement. Whether it is a brand new Global launch or old brand revitalization, our experience will help create, design and deliver.

  • Global branding
  • Local & regional
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Brand books
  • Look & feel
  • Imagery
  • Logos


What is advertising and what does it mean to you in this day and age?
In essence, a great advertising campaign is still based on a great idea.
We are a full service agency with in-house digital experts, so our advertising skills truly stretch across every channel and medium. Don’t be surprised if we lead with a digital and video based campaign. After all, advertising is still based on the ‘art of selling’
We just have to bmore clever!

  • Global & regional
  • Print & Press
  • Digital media
  • Social
  • Media planning
  • Market research
  • Online & Offline


We create award winning impactful campaigns across all available media formats. We specialise in creating the right campaign for what your brand needs. There is still a place for print and press advertising, it just needs to work harder for you. When it is based on a great bmore idea, we can make sure your campaign delivers on the return you are looking for.

  • Campaign Creation
  • Global & Regional
  • Positioning & Messaging
  • Print & Press
  • Digital, Film, Animation, 3D, TV and Video
  • Radio
  • Social, Linked-In, Facebook advertising, Twitter advertising, YouTube
  • Corporate & Internal
  • Compliance and MLR approvals
  • Meetings & Events


Yes, content is still king, but relevance is most certainly queen! We create, curate, edit, and produce the most effective and relevant content for your brand.
By using our 3 R’s (reduce, recycle and re-use) we can also make the most of your valuable content if relevant:

  • Data Driven
  • Real World Evidence
  • Online & In-App
  • In-Press
  • In-Social
  • Sales Aids and Support materials
  • Creation & Curating
  • Reduce, recycle, reuse
  • Platform content for Veeva, Agnitio and Salesforce
  • Implementation


A lot of agencies say, ‘they do digital.’ At bmore, we live and breathe digital in everything that we do. Have a look at some of our case studies to see our award-winning solutions. Our incubator enables us to work with and understand the very latest cutting-edge hardware and software to make sure we use our expertise to deliver a truly engaging and useful digital solutions. We have our very own in-house fully equipped 4K green screen studio.

  • Websites
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • 3D Mode of Actions (MOA) / Mode of Deliveries (MOD)
  • Augmented reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Apps – Native iOS & Android
  • HTML5 Platform solutions for Veeva, Agnitio, Cegedim
  • Email Campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing for linked-In, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube
  • Film, TV, Video and Animation

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

We develop award winning bespoke augmented reality and virtual reality solutions in-house. These range from Apple Store solutions to Enterprise delivered iPad and iPhone solutions.
What can AR and VR really give you and your brand?
A unique way to stand out and really engage with your customers.

Inbound marketing

In a nutshell, inbound has replaced traditional broadcast advertising with an adaptable prescriptive, relevant model of content creation where customer behaviour is made visible, results tangible, and effectiveness measurable.
We work with various platforms and have our own bespoke solutions to help deliver your content effectively.
Get in touch to book a presentation with our content marketing team.

  • bmore bespoke HTML5 slide sorter
  • bmore App Portal
  • Virtual IT Support
  • Veeva Partner & Sandbox license holder
  • Agnitio Partner
  • HubSpot Partner
  • Marketo Partner
  • SalesForce Partner

MDM and Platforms

We are certified for building in Agnitio, Veeva and Cegedim (IMS) MiTouch platforms. We recommend Airwatch or our own bespoke bmore native IOS platform solution for managing your B2B solutions. Not sure which platform is right for you, then please get in touch!

agnitio-logo veeva-logo cegedim-logoairwatch_logo

Medical Education

We have highly qualified medical writers in-house who have extensive experience delivering Med Ed campaigns including:

  • Marketing support materials
  • Advisory Board meetings
  • Stand-alone meetings
  • Satellite symposia
  • Congress support materials
  • Educational materials, illustrations, 3D animations, YouTube, Infographics
  • Scriptwriting and storyboards
  • Competitor reviews
  • Strategic planning
  • Training workshops

Meetings & Events

We can create your entire event or just enhance your current package with one of our digital innovations. Ask us about our ‘Meetings-in-a-box’ solution.

Post-prescription solutions

We generate and create compliant post-prescription campaigns to be able to engage with your customers and patients online and comply with the relevant ABPI guidelines in the UK.

Search & Social

Our in-house content team will be able to manage your search and social accounts. Whether you are just starting out, or have an active social footprint, we can create or enhance your digital ecosystem to make sure your receive and excellent ROI.

User Experience (UX)

User experience (UX) is at the heart of everything we do. UX has replaced the importance of brand messaging in that, if you do not get the UX right, the brand message is irrelevant as the user will just leave. We use years of experience building successful solutions coupled with an open and honest approach to help brand managers to deliver what their target customers need: An effortless and enjoyable experience through digital touchpoints, services and solutions in an array of environments.

  • User Journey
  • Site Architecture
  • User Testing
  • Prototyping
  • Digital Strategy
  • Responsive
  • CRM/CLM Integration