the brains behind the beauty

(our senior team are listed below)
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Ben Blackmore

Managing Director / Creative Director / Owner

I started out in TV in London agencies using Director, the Grandfather of Flash, back when it was Macromedia. Now, in this constantly connected world, I lead a team of fabulous creators and innovators who love doing what they do.

Our philosophy, why bmore creative? (I didn’t just name the agency after me, there was method in my madness!)

Because I honestly believe creativity and innovation really matters. Everything can bmore creative.

We are all exposed to so much more content today. Infinite content with no care and creativity is just blah blah blah!

If we take a little time to make things creative, people will notice it. Time is the key.

Passion, creativity and innovation is the door, the lock and the journey.

Make the right time to bmore creative, and everything you do will succeed.

We have the pleasure of working with a lot of market leading Pharmaceutical companies who deliver some amazing life changing solutions for better patient care. If we can, in some small way help to communicate the benefits of these brands to HCP’s, the NHS, decision makers and patients, then fingers crossed we can actually help to make a real difference to patients lives. After all, that is what really matters!

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Nicol Blackmore

Financial Controller / Office Manager / Owner

I joined bmore to bring my years of experience and attention to detail into our family owned business. My job is to ensure that the bmore ship sails smoothly. I work closely with our FD to ensure bmore is efficient and effective. As office manager, I make sure all bmorians are happy at work, after all when you love your work place, it doesn’t feel like work at all! I love being part of bmore, seeing the work we create and owning a part of something special. A personal connection to the business ensures we are passionate about all of our clients, the service we give and the award winning work we create for them.

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Kush Rach

Client Services Director

As Client Services Director, it is my responsibility to understand your business needs. This enables bmore to confidently give you the solution that, without a doubt, will give you the competitive edge over your rivals!
What do I love?
I love being challenged by our clients, and working with my colleagues here at bmore in solving those challenges. There is nothing like that feeling of actually producing something unique that meets the challenge we are set, and ultimately benefits the patient!

Why do I do what I do?
I thrive on the work we do here at bmore, mainly because I know I have great talented colleagues that will support each other in delivering the most creativity, innovative and ultimately successful solutions to our clients!

What does bmore give me?
bmore gives me a work environment that is absolutely conducive to letting me do what I love, they say “do something you love, and you will never work another day in your life”. This is why I am here.

Jason Coe

Digital Director

I come from a photography background gaining a BA (Hons) in Multimedia & Photography in 2001. Since then I have been working in the digital industry for 14 years. Front-end UI/UX is my main passion although just being involved in a digital project is exciting. I’m honest, to the point (a little too much sometimes!), and know what is achievable – I’ll always deliver what I say I can.

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Steve Eckersley

Technical Director

I was originally trained as a graphic designer where I gained the skills to bring a unique viewpoint to digital. This has allowed me to cross boundaries between traditional channels and the technologically led world we live in today. Whether it’s gesture control, touch interface, augmented reality or virtual reality, it’s my job to innovate on new technology and work out ways to make it applicable to any brief supplied to bmore.

I love technology and everything that goes into it. I also love the future of technology.
We are capable of anything we just need to ask the right questions of the technology we have to achieve them.
If it turns out the technology we have doesn’t cut the mustard, then create something new!!
I love a problem and especially love the feeling when you know you have found the solution of the problems, even if the road to the solution has been hard.

To me, the world doesn’t seem right unless I’m solving something and I can always rely on bmore to present me with something new to solve with technology.

bmore gives me the challenges I need to stay on top of technology and future developments, it also gives me the Research and Development ability to try out new things.

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Joel Uden

Head of Copy

As Head of Copy it’s my job to help you find the most accurate, compelling, and memorable way to tell your story.

We bring your brand to life, giving your products and services a competitive edge, delivering sparkling content to your audience – whatever the channel.

Never forgetting that where storytelling and content creation are concerned, while it’s true that ‘content is King’ it’s also true that ‘relevance is Queen’.

What do I love?
People. I love our differences and similarities, the things that truly make us tick. I love discovering these unique nuggets about people and figuring out a way to use them to communicate on a level that goes beyond just understanding.

Why do I do what I do?
I simply love writing. For me the written word is the most powerful and eloquent communication tool on the planet. Crafting words isn’t my job – it’s my life.

What does bmore give me?
bmore gives me the freedom and support to be myself. There aren’t many agencies you can say that about – but bmore is certainly one of them.

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Dave Warner

Studio Manager

I plan and manage the workflow for bmore, ensuring delivery is met on time, to budget, and to the highest standard. I achieve this through consolidating the needs and objectives of our clients, whilst maximising the exceptional creativity and innovation here at bmore, to go above and beyond our clients expectations.

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Mark Cleave

Senior Creative

The Man, the myth, the legend that is Mark! Our senior creative here at bmore has been working on creative campaigns for longer than he would like to mention, but long enough to deliver the experience and ability our clients require and expect here at bmore!